Custom Development Terms

Last Modified: December 8th 2021

Equator IT regularly updates EDMISS with new and enhanced features that aim to meet the needs and requirements of as many customers as possible. However, We understand that some customers may have some specific needs and requirements.

In the event that the Customer requires an enhancement, improvement or a new feature available in EDMISS, you can request a Custom Development.

We have the rights to make the enhancements, fixes or new features that result from Custom Developments available to all our current and future Customers.

1. Submit a Request

To submit a request, a Designated Contact from the Customer sends an email to our support channel ( providing sufficient information to allow Us to evaluate the request. Only one Custom Development per customer maybe open at once.

If We consider that the Custom Development requires a Sandbox Environment for User Acceptance Testing due to the impact on the system, You must have a Sandbox Subscription Service active for the request to be evaluated. If you do not have a Sandbox Subscription Service and we consider that You need one, we will reject the request.

2. Custom Development Process
  1. A Designated Contact submits the request via email to our Support channel:
  2. Our team will evaluate your request and either: (i) request more information, (ii) reject the request, or (iii) provide an initial cost estimate.
  3. If you agree to the estimate provided and accept the Custom Development Terms, We will create a Statement of Work document in accordance with these terms.
  4. You will be presented with a draft Statement of Work for your input, and adjustments or changes may be made with a final copy presented for your review and approval.
    1. If you approve the Statement of Work, an initial invoice will be raised in accordance with our custom development payment terms. The total amount of the invoice may differ from the initial estimate depending on the changes made to the scope of the initial request.
    2. If you decide not to proceed or do not reply within 30 calendar days, an invoice will be raised for the resources spent producing the Statement of Work, and the request will be closed.
  5. Development will only commence on the estimated commencement date if payment has been received as per the Custom Development Payment Terms.
  6. If You have an active Sandbox Subscription Service, the Custom Development will be released to Your Sandbox Environment for User Acceptance Testing.
    1. You will have 7 calendar days to test the completed work and to provide feedback to Us. Any changes outside of the initial Statement of Work will be considered a change request and may incur in additional charges.
    2. After the 7 calendar days have lapsed, a final invoice will be raised for the outstanding balance of fees in accordance with our Custom Development Payment Terms and the project will be closed.
  7. After receiving 100% of the payment for the Custom Development, we will release it to your Production Environment.
3. Statement of Work

A Statement of Work will be created following the acceptance of the initial estimate and these Custom Development terms.

The Statement of Work may include one or more of the following:

  1. Name and key objectives for the project.
  2. List of key stakeholders and contacts for the project.
  3. Roles and responsibilities of each of the project stakeholders.
  4. Detailed scope of the project including the deliverables.
  5. Estimated project commencement date, milestones and delivery timeframes (not actual dates).
  6. Definition of ‘done’ so all stakeholders will know what ‘success’ and ‘completion’ means.
  7. Project costs.
  8. Project references documents and/or supporting materials.
  9. Nominated project communication channel.

The time taken to produce the Statement of Work (including business requirements analysis, data mapping, process flow design, time and cost estimating, project management and any other professional service(s) required) is billable, regardless of whether the project proceeds beyond this stage or not.

A Statement of Work will remain valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issuance. Once 30 calendar days have passed, the request will need to be reviewed which may result in a change to the Statement of Work, or quoted cost.

If you decide to approve the Statement of Work document and quotation, you will need to sign and date the Statement of Work document and send a scanned copy to Us through the nominated communication channel as approval. We will not commence any Custom Development work if approval is provided via any other means (e.g., verbally).

4. Communication

Each custom development project will have a nominated key contact from Equator IT as outlined in the Statement of Work document. The Statement of Work will also outline the communication channel where all project related communication will be made and stored.

When the development is ready for User Acceptance Testing, We will provide instructions on how to access the correct testing environment and test the new feature(s). Where appropriate, We may also establish a feature demonstration meeting.

5. Payment Terms

Our Custom Development payment milestones are 50% and 50%.

  • Milestone 1 – Following approval to commence the project as per the Statement of Work, you will be invoiced for 50% of the project costs. We will not commence the project until this initial payment has been received.
  • Milestone 2 – Upon completion of User Acceptance Testing, the remaining 50% of the invoice amount will be raised.

100% of the fees must be paid before We release the Custom Development to your Production Environment.

If you decline the project after receiving the finalised Statement of Work, you will be invoiced for the resources spent producing the Statement of Work.

6. Recurring Fees

Custom Developments that require maintenance, updates or upgrades will incur in a recurring fee that will be included in the Subscription Service. If this is the case for your request, we will let you know, and the recurring fees will be stated in the Statement of Work which you will need to approve before we commence the work.

7. Development Timelines

We will endeavour to provide you with an estimated commencement date and a rough estimate on when to anticipate the custom development to be ready for User Acceptance Testing.

Whilst it is Our intent to commence and complete all work by the target dates, We shall not guarantee any Custom Development commencement or completion dates due to factors that may be beyond our control, nor shall there be any penalties levied for non-delivery by an anticipated release date.

8. User Acceptance Testing

Upon the release of the new feature into Your Sandbox Environment, you will be notified via the nominated communication channel that the new feature is ready for User Acceptance Testing in your Sandbox Environment. You will have seven (7) days to test the new feature and provide your feedback to the development team via the same communication channel.

Any feedback provided within the seven (7) day period will be evaluated under the following conditions:

  • Any functionality additions or changes that fall within the scope of the original Statement of Work, and, any bugs or issues related to functionality covered by the scope of the Statement of Work will be scheduled and completed as soon as practicable.
  • Any changes not covered above will be treated as a Change Request or Scope Variation.

You will be notified when the additional work has been completed and is ready for testing again in your Sandbox Environment.

Once you have accepted the satisfactory completion of the Custom Development work as tested in your Sandbox Environment, We will schedule the release of the new feature to your Production Environment. If you do not provide feedback within seven (7) days, We will raise the final payment milestone and close the project.

Change Requests and Scope Variations

Any requested changes that are not identified in the original Statement of Work document will be treated as a request for variation on the Statement of Work and will be processed as a Change Request. All Change Requests are scoped and quoted separately. You will need to approve all Change Requests via the nominated communication channel.

Intellectual Property

All the intellectual property created from a Custom Development will be non-confidential and We own all the rights to use it and incorporate it into our Products without payment or attribution to you.